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Building a House

About Us

E.P.I.D.E.M.E.K is a non-profit organization dedicated to equality and restoring justice for those who are at a disadvantage. We work with the community in bridging the gap between ex-offenders, families, victims, and the community at large.

Our Services

Our Services


Training Programs designed for the Correctional Institutions that promote renewed citizens being prepared for release.

Speaking Engagements

EK has extensive experience in social speaking engagements.  We speak at Churches, School and Prisons.


Mr.Richardson is a podcast host that specializes in prison reform, youth incarceration, Parole board issues and world issues.

Legal Consulting

Ek will consult with Attorney’s on file, we will aide in locating the best possible Attorney for your needs, we explain court processes and explain legal jargon.


EK will put together a judicial packet ProSe for incarcerated individuals who families may not be able to afford a lawyer.


Legal aid service for youth in juvenile court.

Shaking Hands

What is Restorative Justice

It’s a relational approach to problems, conflicts, and harm, that puts an emphasis on dialog between the individuals involved when transgressions have occurred.

Tim Richardson, The man who raised $30,000 from prison.

While incarcerated, Tim Richardson founded EPIDEMEK.
From the inside he was able to raise over $30,000 for Ohio school systems. 

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