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What We Do


Epidemek, Inc.'s mission is to empower the incarcerated and recently released individuals. We strive to pave the way for their successful reintegration into society by offering them enriching support, access to comprehensive resources, impactful educational programs, and valued opportunities for housing and employment.

Our purpose is not only to provide these services but to unfalteringly enhance their quality, thereby boosting the chances of our beneficiaries to re-enter societal life productively. We see their growth as our responsibility, their dreams as our duty, and their futures as our mission.


Our vision at Epidemek, Inc. is to be a potent force of change in tackling the challenges "high-risk” youth face. We aim to implement adequate preventive care methods that nurture their potential and secure their futures. Our holistic approach extends to assisting incarcerated individuals' families, providing them with comprehensive resources and quality services.

We are dedicated to fostering reconciliation and offering victims the necessary tools for healing. Through mentoring and mediation, we strive to create an atmosphere conducive to restorative justice, bridging gaps and nurturing stronger community connections.

In effecting this vision, we see a future where stigma is replaced with empowerment, fostering a more inclusive, constructive, and restorative society.

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