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Our Staff

Timothy Richardson

Timothy Richardson is a dedicated Restorative Justice activist, revered motivational speaker, and master trainer. With a firm belief in social restoration, he harnesses his engaging oratory abilities to inspire and motivate his audience. His active learning techniques encourage audience participation, foster deep connections with his content, influence effective community changes to decrease mass incarceration and recidivism and promote an empowering and purposeful mindset for incarcerated individuals.

With a passion for education and empowerment, he has developed and taught courses such as:

  • Higher Learning: A curriculum honing cognitive skills and nurturing self-worth through education.

  • Inc & Grow: A program empowering individuals to become entrepreneurs.

  • My Brother's Keeper: A course on leading a wholesome and safe lifestyle.

  • SOS Town Hall Meeting: Panel discussions concerning societal changes in the community.

  • Man Up: A series emphasizing fatherhood and personal accountability.

  • 7th Step: A program embodying positive thinking and fostering mindset alterations.

Over the years, Mr. Richardson has overcome many personal and professional challenges with grit and determination. During incarceration, he fortifies his abilities to self-educate and lead others toward self-improvement and discovery. He championed restorative justice practices through his actions and the multiple courses he developed and taught. As a role model, he elicited effective changes using restorative justice principles, leading to an early release.

Today, Timothy is a non-profit organization founder and the project director at The Urban Minority Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Outreach Program of Franklin County (UMADAOPFC). He sits on the Franklin County Community-Based Correction Facility (CBCF) Board of Directors. His accolades include being an Ohio Certified Prevention Specialist, CDCA Certified, Master Speaker, and Trainer Creating Lasting Families.

Summerlee Godbolt

Summerlee Godbolt is a distinguished, Qualified Behavioral Health Specialist and Certified Peer Support Specialist, proudly serving in Ohio and North Carolina. Her reputation as an influential activist and change agent rests on her unwavering belief in transformation and second chances. Certified in the Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP), Summerlee's commitment to improving the lives of those around her remains firm.

As a master speaker and trainer, Summerlee's candid and compelling presentation style leaves her audiences entranced and yearning for her unique blend of wisdom and straight talk. Her mastery extends to various federal and state prisons, further affirming her ability to inspire change even within the confines of the correctional system.

Fulfilling her role as an accomplished educator and mindset-shifter, Summerlee channels her passion into aiding those battling adversity. Her academic accolades include a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Organizational Business Management and another Master's degree in Marketing. Undeterred by her incarceration, Summerlee obtained a vocational certificate in Drywalling and Painting, took collegiate business management courses, and completed a Culinary Arts program.

Her affinity for goal-setting led her to develop the 'Road Mapping your Goals' course, a popular program she teaches in various settings. Expanding her skillset, Summerlee is also working on a training program for Effective Communication Skills in Hostile Environments.

Summerlee's journey, though marked by numerous adversities, including abuse, attempted suicide, and a seven-year prison sentence, is a testament to her resilience. Recognizing her destructive path, she redirected her thoughts and imbued her life with purposeful change.

Working as an independent contractor in QBHS and operating transitional housing in North Carolina, Summerlee is a beacon of support for those recovering from similar traumas since her societal re-entry. Additionally, her initiative in reducing recidivism shines through her active participation in prevention initiatives throughout Ohio, addressing the needs of returning citizens.

Before discovering her calling as a life coach for women post-incarceration, Summerlee served as a Marketing Director for a small business for seven years. This experience further honed her ability to connect and empathize, reinforcing her passion for leading others toward a brighter, more hopeful future. Today, her life's mission reflects her dedication to aiding others in their journey toward redemption and transformation.

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