Our Staff

Timothy Richardson

He an activist in Restorative Justice; is a powerful and engaging motivational speaker and master trainer who believes in restoring justice in society. His hands on learning technique allow his audience to really contribute and connect with his content. He is a sought out speaker for effective changes in our community to help reduce mass incarceration, recidivism, and changing the mindset of the incarcerated individual to be empowered while living a purpose driven life.

Mr. Richardson is currently working towards his degree in Entrepreneurship at Ashford University. He has developed and taught courses such as; Higher Learning– focuses on cognitive skills and self worth through education, Inc & Grow-which empowers individuals to become an entrepreneur, My Brother’s Keeper– focuses on how to live a healthy and safe life style, SOS Town Hall Meeting– Panel discussions about social changes in the community, Man Up– emphasizes on fatherhood and accountably, and the 7th Step– which embodies positive thinking and positive changes to the mindset.

Timothy had the mindset and determination to overcome many personal and professional setbacks in his life.  Throughout his years of incarceration he had mastered the ability to not only educate himself, but was a leader in helping others to discover their greatness.  He taught the practices of Restorative Justice through his own actions, but also through many courses he developed and trained. As a role model for other incarcerated individuals, he promoted effective change using the principles of Restorative Justice, whereby he was granted an early release.  Today he is the founder of his own non-profit organization and a founding partner in saving our Society NOW.

Summerlee Godbolt

She is an activist change agent. She is also a one of a kind inspirational speaker and master trainer who believes in the power of second chances.  She has a “straight laced, no chase” presentation style that leaves her audiences on the edge of their seat wanting more of her raw, but necessary straight talk.

Her commitment to education and changing the way you think put her on the pathway to helping others who are also at a disadvantage at overcoming life’s adversities.  Summerlee has a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in Organizational Business Management and a master’s in marketing. While incarcerated she received a certificate for Dry walling and Paint vocational, Business Management College courses and Culinary arts program.  She developed the course Road Mapping your Goals, which she currently trains in and outside of correctional institutions. Summerlee is currently working on training for Effective Communication Skills in Hostile Environments.

Although, Ms. Godbolt has achieved many accomplishments in her life, it has not always been easy. Throughout her life she experienced many adversities; from being sexually, mentally, emotionally and physically abused to attempting to commit suicide, and eventually ending up serving a seven-year prison sentence in the Ohio Reformatory for Women. Summerlee realized very quickly she was on a downward spiral to self-destruction. During her incarceration she knew that she had to redirect her thoughts and her purpose for doing things differently. This put her on a path to living a more blissful and fulfilled life. Today she promotes redirection and reflection of one’s self and life purpose.