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Our Comprehensive Services

All-Inclusive Resource Provision

Epidemek's primary focus is on providing all-rounded assistance, encompassing essential needs like housing, food, and employment opportunities. Our ultimate goal is to smooth the journey of our beneficiaries towards independent living and societal stability.

Active Community Engagement

Our proactive involvement in town hall meetings, restorative summits, and community events furnish opportunities for us to advocate for restorative justice and address the needs of those we serve.

Mental Health and Substance Misuse Services

We offer services addressing mental health conditions and substance misuse challenges. Our experienced professionals provide personalized therapeutic support to help individuals regain control of their lives.

Parole Board Advocacy

Our seasoned team renders vital support during parole board hearings. We assist families through the intricate maze of the parole process, ensuring a clear understanding of every legal detail.

Youth Outreach and Mentorship

As part of our preventive care focus, we conduct mentorship programs targeted towards the youth. We strive to cultivate resilience, provide guidance, and ignite their potential to dream bigger.

Judicial Release Guidance

We extend superior guidance to clients filing pro se for judicial release. We deliver necessary insights and adeptly assist them in making judicious, informed decisions.

Peer-to-Peer Mentoring

 In recognizing the power of shared experiences, we provide peer mentoring programs. These aim to foster a supportive environment and promote a culture of shared learning and mutual growth.

Community Service Facilitation

We coordinate community service opportunities for parolees, emphasizing it as a critical facet of their rehabilitation process. These activities encourage them to make positive societal contributions while fostering a sense of belonging and stimulating successful community reintegration.

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