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Reentry Program

Ek provides reentry groups for renewed citizens to better help them adjust to reentering society. SOme of the groups include, Living a Stress Free Life and A Journey to Road Mapping Your Goals.

Courses and Course Descriptions

Road Mapping Your Goals:  An intense course on not only how to set a goal but how to effectively accomplish that goal.  This course will have tangible results as you work through the training.  By the time you complete the course you will have a clear understanding of your purpose, a mapped out outline of your goals and a new perspective on life and the way you think.

The 4 Key Components of Restorative Justice: A step by step process on how Restorative Justice works.  A breakdown of each component and how each one affectively works together to bring about a circle of support and accountability.  In completion of this course you will not only have a better understand of how Restorative Justice works but you will also be able to implement the tools and techniques in your School system and prison system.

Effective Communication in Hostile Environments:   This course will teach and train effective ways to communicate with individuals who may not be open to conversations in a positive and meaningful way.  You will have a better understanding of why positive dialog is important when you’re in a hostile environment.

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