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Reentry Program

Epidemek offers robust reentry groups for 'renewed' citizens as they adapt to reintegrating into society. Our groups are meticulously designed to facilitate a smoother transition, focusing on topics like living a stress-free life, financial literacy, and mapping your life goals. Additionally, our "Creating Lasting Family Connections" group underscores the significance of fostering healthy and lasting family relationships.

Courses and Course Descriptions

Road Mapping Your Goals:  This intensive course dives deep into creating and accomplishing meaningful personal goals. Participants work through practical exercises, with tangible results unfolding as the training progresses. Upon completion, learners clearly comprehend their purpose, a detailed roadmap to achieving their goals, and a rejuvenated perspective on life and thought processes.

The 4 Key Components of Restorative Justice: This course takes you through the step-by-step process of how Restorative Justice functions. It dissects each component, explaining how they synergistically contribute to producing a system of support and accountability. At the end of this course, you will not only enhance your understanding of Restorative Justice but also gain the ability to employ these skills in school and prison systems.

Effective Communication in Hostile Environments:   This course equips learners with effective communication methods with individuals who may be resistant or challenging to engage in positive and meaningful exchanges. The curriculum provides insights into maintaining positive dialogues, particularly in hostile environments

Creating Lasting Family Connections: This course emphasizes the importance of building and sustaining healthy family relationships, a fundamental aspect of successful reintegration. It offers practical strategies and interactive exercises to bolster interpersonal skills and foster lasting familial bonds.

Financial Literacy: Financial empowerment plays a crucial role in individual independence. This course caters to improving money management skills, offering budgeting, saving, and investing training. Participants leave with a grounded understanding of financial concepts and improved financial decision-making capabilities.

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