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Judicial release – Information on the process, insight on how to choose meaningful legal service, how to prepare offender on how to get the best possible outcome, how to file the judicial release yourself.

Offenders right inside the institution – Breaking down the rules and regulations of the institution, what rights you have & what rights the offender has.

How to make the best use of your time – What groups are beneficial, programs your loved ones can volunteer and participate in, Why being productive is so important.

Preparation for Parole board hearing – Knowing what you can do as a family, scheduling to speak to parole board on behalf of your loved one, Victims awareness and connection, rallying support and accountability for your loved one.

Youth intervention – Mentoring your youth and teaching them their rights, how to address the police in hostile environments, teach kids how to deal with bullying.

Consulting on pending cases – Picking the right attorney for your loved one’s case, acting as an advisor on the case, information on their constitutional rights.

Restorative Justice – What does that really mean, how can you and your family participate in the process.

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